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Chronic Knee Pain

I had a Tai chi practice session the day before and aggravated my left knee joint which constantly feel pain after the practice . Before the treatment the pain was severe enough to warrant a session with Mr Kumar of the BCR - Therapie. After the one hour session the pain was completely gone. I came in limping and I was able to walk out normally. I would like to thank Mr Kumar and his staff Kris and Maureen for their kind attendance and service.


For many years I suffered from pain in my lower back on the left side. The pain became severe whenever I stood up or walked for some time. I could not enjoy shopping because of the pain. Whenever the pain became severe it lasted for many days before going off. I tried many treatments, some gave temporary relief and others did not work.

In June 2008 my brother advised me to try Mr. Kumar’s BCR-Therapie treatment. After the first treatment I could feel an immediate relief. I took the 5 treatment package. After each treatment I could feel better. I stopped after the 5th treatment. It has been two months since I stopped. Now when I go shopping I don’t worry so much about the pain. Still there is a little pain feeling when I shop for a long time, but the pain now is very mild and it goes away by sitting down for a while. It is much better than before. To everyone suffering from back pain I confidently recommend BCR-Therapie Microcurrent treatment.

Koh Siew Hoon

by JULIANA ANNE RAJAM on BCR-Therapie (Singapore) Pte Ltd


I was under treatment with Prasob for over a year for rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment that I received was rock solid and enabled the pain to diminish considerably. I was able to place my feet on the ground and walk properly. It was a vast improvement from the hobble that was evident in my gait prior to the treatment. For 27 years I had been seeking treatment in TTSH. So I could see the change immediately.

Prasob was always caring and honest. He never promised me the stars but he had taken the time, effort and money to acquire the skill to bring relief to those in pain. I can sincerely vouch that he was always on the lookout for improvement. Just consider why a highly educated man with a Masters in Accountancy and Finance should take the trouble to acquire a new skill in pain management if he did not believe in it. He could be making big bucks elsewhere. He has done so because that is where his heart is – to bring relief to those in pain. In other words, he sincerely cares.

So if you are in pain and need help you should definitely seek Prasob out. You will never be disappointed. If you want to see improvement you should attend the sessions regularly.


by Audrey Muk Cheng Har on BCR-Therapie (Singapore) Pte Ltd

I met Kumar in April 2008 when he was setting up his microcurrent therapy centre. I supplied disposable items to his centre. Curious of his setup, we got around talking and he explained microcurrent and its function to me. I told him of the pain in my shoulder which I had since July 2007. I consulted 3 GPs and attended physiotherapy at Alexandra Hospital. After 8 months, there was little improvement on my shoulder. Raising my left arm hurt and affected my daily living activities. I also could no longer play golf or enjoy the occasional game of mahjong.

After talking to Kumar, I decided to try the microcurrent therapy. When his centre was up, he gave me a half hour trial. I felt immediate relief when I raised my left arm slightly. Convinced, I signed on 10 sessions of therapy with Kumar. Three months passed and after about 15 half-hour sessions, I could raise my left arm with no pain and discomfort. Now I can do my daily living activities with ease and engaged in some physical exercise and activities, although I have yet to resume my golf game due to lack of time.

Audrey Muk

Lower Back Pain

I was suffering from lower back pain and swelling on sides of the hips for the last 2 years. I could not sleep sideways and despite regular yoga exercises, the pain did not go away. Restless nights would be followed by tired days. Painkillers would give only temporary relief but I could not get a permanent cure. The orthopedic surgeon advised me not to sit on the floor but there was no treatment recommended.

I encountered the BCR therapy at the Health exhibition at Suntec City and I signed-up with Clinic Master Asia in October 2011. After only 2 sessions, the pain completely disappeared like magic and now I can sleep sideways comfortably and without experiencing any pain. I can even sit on the floor without any discomfort. I would like to thank you for introducing the treatment which has got rid of my chronic pain without any side effects.

Recurring back pain

After 13 years of being an airline cabin crew which can be physically demanding, i developed lower back pains and constant neck stiffness. I have tried many forms of therapy ranging from painkillers and physiotherapy to acupuncture which was of short term relief. I am therefore relieved to have stumbled upon BCR therapy whereby my pain has since gone and not relapsed after just a few sessions. The therapists are also able to give an in-depth explanation on how and why the therapy works! I was also pleased with the facial treatments as it is mess-free, great time duration of only half an hour and definate results after just one session. It quickens scar healing and brightens the whole face! A definate winner for me:)

Improvement of Arthritic Knee Condition

I've been suffering from bad arthritis of both knees from 2005 and by 2010 both knees had become swollen and painful. Walking became so difficult that I had to use a walking stick.Then by sheer good luck, I discovered BCR and Voila! Since then I have not looked back. Both my knees have improved and I have mercifully regained my mobility.No more walking stick! Now I am a senior citizen enjoying a second lease of life, thanks to BCR. You need to try it to know.

Face Therapy

I have gone for many different types of facials including collagen, Japanese light, etc, for my sagging skin condition. None quite satisfy me until I came for BCR treatment. The explanation behind the science of this treatment holds reasoning and make very good sense. I tried one session and immediately I noticed the difference. The face looks nice and tight with a radiance and glow. It also makes the skin fairer. Since then I have given up on my other face treatments and BCR is one of the very few treatments I still go to faithfully.


This is a good replacement for my expensive facials at salons. With BCR, I usually follow-up with my home facial mask and the job is done! Friendly therapist too to contribute to a very relaxing atmosphere at the clinic. My facial muscles feel more relaxed for a good smile for the next two weeks or so.

Ankle Injury

I sprained my ankle badly in Dec '10. Despite seeking treatment in various TCM therapy, I was still walking with a limp in Sep '11. In Oct '11, after the first BCR pain therapy treatment, I noticed a slight improvement in my ankle movement. After another 3 to 4 treatment, my limp was gone and I am able to resume my weekly badminton game albeit at a slower pace. Thank you Mr Kumar for bring BCR-Therapie to Singapore.

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