Luxxamed HD2000

The new HD2000 model incorporates all the latest improvements to the successful BCR-Therapie system. It combines modern design with enduring quality and the practical application of scientific experience. With fifteen years’ experience in the field, the manufacturer has built on the standards set by its predecessors, the Clinic-Master and the Vital-Master, as well as the findings of scientific research into the effectiveness of the treatment to create new and improved light therapy technology.

The perfect pain therapy system for clinics, doctors’ offices and physiotherapists, it combines all the benefits of its predecessors with the latest discoveries in the field of medical science. The HD2000 is controlled by computer. The Microcurrent and Light therapy device is equipped with a 15.6-inch multi-touch display screen computer with intuitive interface and easy, optimized integration the practice operations. The Luxxamed HD2000 meets the highest quality standards and is entirely “made in Germany” in accordance with IS0 9001 and ISO 13485.

This new model from Luxxamed represents the state of the art in pain therapy, combining portability with suitability for a wide range of applications based on scientific study. The ease of use and modern technology, as well as the medically approved trolley for portability, mean that the device can also be deployed in larger practices in an efficient, optimal manner in order to deliver therapy in the treatment room where the patient is located.

Luxxamed HD3000

The Luxxamed HD3000, the latest BCR-Therapie model from Luxxamed, is essentially the same as Luxxamed HD2000 except that it is built into a briefcase casing for easy transportability. It combines the highest standards of clinically proven technology with total mobility. Physiotherapists and practitioners of sports medicine, as well as other clinical professionals in the professional sports field, will achieve the best treatment outcomes in pain therapy, while flexibility is assured through by the availability of different transportation options.

Its predecessor models, the Clinic-Master and Vital-Master allowed for fifteen years of clinical experience to be collated and studies to be carried out – all of which fed into the development of the new HD3000 model. With new hardware and even better performance, the device has been optimized and tailored to meet the requirements that are of primary importance for treatment in professional sporting environments. The pain therapy system can be used in clinics, doctors’ offices and physiotherapy practices and allows the results achieved in clinical studies to be replicated in everyday practice.

As with the HD2000, the HD3000 is a computer-controlled pain therapy system. With its 15.6-inch multi-touch display, the HD3000 offers an easy, intuitive interface. The device can be optimally integrated with the operations of the practice. It stands out from the field thanks to its portability and the corresponding increase in the range of potential applications. The Luxxamed HD3000 can be deployed without any issues at the Davis Cup or the Federations Cup, at other ATP tennis tournaments or in other professional sporting environments. A specially designed briefcase casing increases portability and allows the device to be transported in safety and to the highest standards.

The Luxxamed HD3000 can be ready for use within thirty seconds. Thanks to its “Made in Germany” status, in accordance with the most stringent criteria of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, it is an extremely high quality, high performance model built to the highest standards. Mobility, design and efficiency come together in this new Luxxamed model and ensure optimal use in delivering pain therapy to professional sporting environments.