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How to Use


  1. Modes of Application
  2. Basics of Application
  3. Programs

1. Modes of Application

Gel Electrode Pads

Hand Electrodes

2. Basics of Application


When the application of the electrodes is complete, just select a program from the device that has the closest match to the condition you want to address, and start the treatment.

For normal applications you may use the ‘Electrode Placement Chart’ as a guide on how to apply the pads. It is however, not a rule to follow this chart always. You may improvise the pad placements based on the actual condition you want to treat. As long as the target area for treatment falls within the treatment cross you created with your pad placements, and you have chosen the closest matching program, the treatment will be effective.

It is useful to note that, in the case of pain problems, some pains are ‘referred pains’, meaning that the area where the pain is felt may not be the actual area of the underlying problem. Try to research, locate and treat the source for an effective result.


Connect the hand electrode to A-Channel always. Select the program and start the treatment. The application works only when the tips of both the electrodes are touching the skin. Gently move both the tips along the targeted area while keeping them on the skin. It is normal to feel a tingling feel. This feeling may sharpen when the tips are at same point in the skin in a stationary position. It is good to keep moving always. If there is too much friction, some water or a conductive gel may be applied to the skin for smoother gliding.

Although all programs run for 24 minutes, there is no fixed time for hand electrodes. Hand electrodes can be applied for as long as you feel comfortable, and repeated regularly for faster result. Often a short treatment of about one minute can have good results.

The usage of Hand Electrodes is most effective when treating problems at the skin level. This includes aesthetics, muscle treatment and scars. It can also be used on all other conditions.

Note: Please do NOT use oil-based gels as the electrical conductivity may be compromised.

3. Programs (working links coming soon)

1 Acne/Scars
2 Cellulite
3 Face Toning
4 Skin Conditioning
1 Asthma
2 Inflammation
3 Scars
4 Sinus Inflammation
5 Swelling
6 Tension
1 Infection Cold
2 Infection Virus
1 Bruise
2 Distortion
3 Fracture
4 Ligament Injury
5 Pulled Muscle
6 Tendon Irritation
7 Tendon InjuryE PAIN
1 Neck Pain Spine
2 Arthritis
3 Carpal Tunnel
4 Frozen Shoulder
5 Heel Pain
6 Joint Pain Acute
7 Joint Pain Chronic
8 Muscle Pain
9 Back Pain SpineF PALSY REHAB
1 Muscle
2 Nerve Step 1 Step 2
3 Spasticity
4 Stimulation Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
5 Energy Mode
1 Contusion
2 Muscle Relaxation
3 Muscle Treatment
4 Tennis Elbow
5 Muscle Warm Up
6 Muscle Warm DownH WELLNESS
1 Alkalisation
2 Blood Circulation
3 Detoxification
4 Lymph – Fat Burn
5 Immune Boost
6 Lymph Drainage
7 Rejuvenation
8 Vegetative Balance

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