Hope or Despair After a Stroke

Are you a stroke survivor or a loving family member grappling with these questions:

“Is this it?”
“Can I improve further?”
“Will this happen again?”

BCR Therapie is German HOME-BASED THERAPY for regaining CELLULAR HEALTH in your entire body, including muscle and nerves!

Why is home-based therapy important for stroke survivors?

As time goes by, traveling for therapy can become inconvenient and expensive. Helpers are often needed to accompany the patient to therapy. The scheduling, time, and costs involved can become prohibitive and slow down the recovery process. Many patients and their families will simply cope and hope for the best.

In contrast, making the essential therapies available at home will allow patients to benefit from the cumulative effects of the therapy and speed up their recovery process.

This is important when time is of the essence to help a patient regain functional independence.

Why Cellular Therapies?

Post-stroke massage, exercise, stretching, occupational therapy, and even electro-therapies largely focus on external physical stimulation applied to the body. Missing are the therapies that work internally on a cellular level to re-activate the body’s self-healing ability.

It has been observed that adding BCR cellular therapy to conventional physical therapy can speed up the recovery process after a stroke, helping to decrease the chances of post-stroke disability.

What is German BCR Therapie? Why use it?

BCR Therapie is a metabolic therapy that uses microcurrents to regulate disrupted cellular metabolism in body tissue–in muscles, nerves and more.

BCR Therapie approaches both acute and chronic physical issues holistically. It treats the disruptions in cellular metabolism that manifest as symptoms of pain or degeneration, going straight to the cause of pain or weakness. It is healing from the inside out.

BCR-Therapie uses bio-cybernetic technology to process information from the body and tailors its treatment deliveries based on the biological feedback. This built in auto-regulation mechanism helps to standardise results and makes the operation very user-friendly.