The Luxxamed HD2000 and HD3000 operate with the BCR-Therapie system that is probably the most high-technology based Pain Management systems in the market today, leaving competing devices far behind. Working on Microcurrent and the newly patented Nano-Photonic LED light therapy, the treatment system focuses on applying cybernetic principles to regulate and restore disrupted metabolic processes.

With the latest bio-cybernetic technology, the system diagnoses the pain condition and tailors the responses automatically based on the biological feedback that is received. This substantially increases the effectiveness while reducing human role and human error in the treatment process.

The core competencies of the system are in giving instant results to pain problems in just single sessions, as well as the consistent and reliable manner in which it delivers the results.

Before going into the details, here’s a summary of the unique features of the new Luxxamed that are not found in other machines:

  • Using the latest bio-cybernetic technology the Luxxamed has the ability to learn the metabolic state of the tissue throughout the treatment process and tailor its response to the various states. This eliminates the need to select any treatment program, whether it is Chonic, Acute, Muscle pain, Nerve pain, Fracture pain or whatever, the system automatically detects and treats each condition.
  • The system has the ability to treat individually conditions such as Acute, Chronic, Inflammation and Degeneration within the same pain affected area. For example, in a knee pain, it is possible to have a chronic condition in the joint and an acute condition in the soft tissue. Most pain therapy devices can treat only either one condition as selected by the therapist, often making the other condition worse.  With the Luxxamed the therapist only need to apply it over the correct area and press the start button. The system diagnoses and treats each condition individually.
  • The Luxxamed has a 15.6″ multi touch display screen with a built-in computer. During the treatment session what is happening in the body can be seen live in the display screen.  And in most cases, the results in the screen display will correlate with the reduction in pain level.  This makes it very convincing to the patient and enhances the hospital’s image.

The Luxxamed uses feedback mechanisms to unleash weak metabolic potential in order to influence or control processes that occur in the tissues, thereby achieving physiological metabolism. This manifests itself clinically in the form of pain reduction and increased bodily function. Naturally this doesn’t create a new joint (for instance) but instead simulates the metabolic process that otherwise only exists within an intact joint, leading to pain relief.

The Luxxamed is unique among electrical frequency and resonance-based therapeutic systems. In the Luxxamed, a therapeutic program is developed for each individual patient, taking into account the metabolic state of their tissue. The healing and regeneration processes are activated and accelerated. Inflammatory processes are regulated and lymphatic circulation is stimulated. This strengthens the immune system and metabolic balance is restored. The body’s natural pain relief processes are initiated.

Therapeutic Monitoring And Planning

The Luxxamed uses cybernetic technology to process biological information from the tissue in order to analyze the metabolic processes and to create an appropriate therapeutic program for each patient’s condition.

The Luxxamed describes the patient’s entire treatment in a graphical format that allows the patient’s electro-metabolic progress to be monitored. A unique feature is the Luxxamed’s ability to show the therapeutic outcomes of previous sessions, to compare them with current results and thus to formulate a tailored therapeutic program based on the patient’s current status. Through the use of intelligent patient management system, the doctor or therapist is given the ability to monitor the treatment process and to plan the patient’s therapy. All data relating to the patient and the treatment are stored in the Luxxamed’s memory and can be printed out directly through the use of an attached printer. This also ensures complete and comprehensive documentation of the therapy and the patient’s progress.

Nano-photonic LED Light Therapy

Forming part of the BCR-Therapie system, the patented nano-photonic LED light therapy ensures equilibrium in the metabolic processes, a reduction in inflammatory reactions and an increase in production of nitrogen oxide gas and increased release of Cytochrome C protein, which plays an important role in energy release. The effectiveness of Luxxamed nano-photonic LED light therapy has been demonstrated by a laboratory study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute. This study showed a significant increase in intracellular ATP production. The nano-photonic therapy was also notable for its influence over the cell cycle, in particular in relation to cell regeneration, cell division and cell vitality.

The areas in which nano-photonic therapy may be applied are extremely extensive:

  • Pain therapy
  • Trigger therapy
  • Muscular treatments
  • Scar treatments

The special shape of the light applicators allow the nano-photonic therapy to be deployed manually by the user (a doctor or therapist) or by means of an attachment to the patient’s skin. This ensures that the therapy can always be delivered fully automatically or in line with the individual requirements of a particular application.